Porcelain Spin

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This is a porcelain spin made by the traditional techniques of Kakiotoshi, Yoshida-yaki. Kakiotoshi is a technique unique to draw polka dot. It makes the spin beautiful design and texture unique. The craftmen scrape off a single circle from the color soil using a drill. This technique of “Kakiotoshi” is used to put beautiful polka-dot patterns on the spin. The spin can enjoy a different pattern from the stationary state by spining. You can enjoy this time to steam tea as a lid of a teapot.

Client :  有限会社副千製陶所肥前吉田焼デザインスクール 2017 最優秀賞


Consumer Product, Top, Works



This was a single vase inspired by rice paddies, one of the original landscapes of Okuzumi. Although the shape looks like a sphere when looking from afar, you can enjoy the shadow and depth of light with a step like the rice paddies when viewed from a nearby point. The shape of this ball is derived from the fact that steel which was broken into human fist size is called “ball”, which is a word of the origin of the ball steel. By making it a sphere, it gave us a quiet presence and simplicity to complement the flowers. As for the material, it is assumed to use ball steel if procurement is possible, but substitution with iron etc. is also possible. By using pure rustless steel balls, it is difficult to break and creates a gentle single flower for both flowers and people.

Client : 奥出雲横田商會  /  奥出雲記憶造形プロジェクト   最優秀デザイン賞



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TRIDは揺りかご・バウンサー・椅子という3つの機能を持つ、生まれてから大人になるまで使用できる家具です。この家具には機能に応じた2つの異なる「そり」があり、快適な揺れと座り心地をもたらします。 この曲率は急な「そり」は体重が軽い人にとって快適である一方、緩やかな「そり」は体重が重い人にとって快適であるという研究に基づいています。 この家具はシンプルなツールで、簡単にさまざまな形に組み立てることができます。また使用しないときはフラットにすることができるので、結果的にコストとスペースを節約できます。 つまり、TRIDとは子供の成長過程に適した形に変形することにより、継続的に利用できる多機能家具です。

TRID, transformable furniture that can be used from birth to adulthood, with three different functions: cradle, bouncer and chair. It has two different rockers which give the user comfortable swinging movements and seating experiences. These curvatures are based on the research that a sharper rocker is comfortable for people with a smaller build while a more gentle rocker is comfortable for those with a larger frame. This furniture can be assembled in various shapes by yourself with a hex key, so this can be kept flat when not in use, saving cost and space for replacement. Therefore, the TRID is a multifunctional piece of furniture which can be continuously utilized by changing the application to the one suited to the growing process of a human.

自主制作 / Self Study
2018  ASIA  DESIGN AWARD 2018, Winner
2017  RADO STAR PRIZE 2017, Shortlisted