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FFF is a foldable table and chair set, made specifically for small spaces and low-budget apartments. The set comes as a box, which you can open from both sides to set the table up, to then allow you to pull four chairs out of it, which are foldable themselves.This table set has been made to be easily foldable and packable, so that anyone can pull it out when they receive guests, or whenever they need extra desk space. Once closed, you wouldn’t even think it’s a table set. The FFF is very narrow/thin, allowing the user to transport it easily even in smaller spaces. The table set is being made of wood, and has been design in order to be as light, small, and thin as possible without affecting the product’s ability to serve as a proper table set. It is thus very light compared to other table sets, and easy to move to your next apartment or to ship.

自主制作 / Self Study