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Dishes that combine the features of Negori painting and the main tower of Negoroji are our proposal. First of all, it was about the dishes we serve at the cafe of hill of historical hill of the Road Station, so I began with designing things that convey the charm and atmosphere of this area. Therefore, attention was paid to Negoro Temple which is the concept of the station on this road and thought that regionality is born by incorporating the characteristics of the National Treasures and the Great Tower. This large tower called “multi treasure tower” is a double-storied tower, with the first layer’s plane being square and the upper layer circular. And utilizing the features of this large tower, the bottom of the cup and square of the cup for roll cake etc. is square (square), the top is circular. As a result, a simple and beautiful design was born, finished in dishes with regional characteristics. Functionally, it became possible to achieve both a solid stability feeling and a shape that is familiar to hands. We were able to stack it and made adjustments to make it look beautiful even when stacked. It is a feature of Negoro’s painting which is usable everyday, it is a dish with a concept that draws on the simple, beautiful design, regionality in order to make use of the beautiful passing age that changes every time it is used.

Client : 一般社団法人紀州文芸振興協会