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The concept is a pendant lighting that cuts off the moment when an apple skin is peeled off without cutting it on the way. Since the part of the peel of the apple has become a shade, it leaks light like indirect lighting. In other words, the light from the gap of the spiral shade, gently illuminates the room. Furthermore, as the gap is evenly opened up and down, left and right, the structure is such that heat is not likely to stick. This lighting consists of three kinds of parts: shade, bulb, socket & cord, and the assembly process is very simple. The shade is made from aluminum as it is soft to bend and ease to processing metallic. The aluminum plate is bended with a bending roll machine, to make the spiral of this shade. In addition, the aluminum is processed as alumite treatment to make vivid red like an apple peel on the surface.

自主制作 / Self Study
Hirosaki Apple Design Award 2017 入選 / Shortlisted