Sabae Glasses

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MEGANE DESIGN AWARD 2016に向けて、眼鏡産地である鯖江の技術を生かした眼鏡。「伝統とモダン」眼鏡産地110周年を迎えた今だからこそ、積み重ねてきた高い技術と品質を活かしたデザインというテーマのもと、5つの眼鏡をデザインしました

For MEGANE DESIGN AWARD 2016, I designed glasses that use of the technology of Sabae, the spectacle production area. There are five glasses under the theme of “Tradition and Modern” design that takes advantage of the high technology and quality that we have accumulated as the 110th anniversary of eyeglass production areas

Client :  一般社団法人 福井県眼鏡協会  ( MEGANE DESIGN AWARD 2016)