THIN Hourglass


「極限まで薄い、砂時計」 2種類の砂が織り成す流動的な模様と今までにない新しい形の砂時計を楽しめる、薄さ5㎜の砂時計。砂時計の中に2種類の砂が入っており、回転させることで落ちる砂の向きを変える。上下という従来の2方向の制約を離れ、360度角度を変えることができるので普段とは違った砂時計の表情を見ることができる。薄くすることにより軽やかさが生まれ、回転させたい形状にした。卓上型は木製の台座にある窪みに差し込むだけで使用でき、壁付型は磁石が背面についているのでキッチンや洗面所で使える。

“Extremely thin hourglass” An hourglass with a thickness of 5 mm that you can enjoy a fluid pattern that two types of sand weave and a new form of hourglass that you have never seen before. There are two types of sand in the hourglass, and changing the orientation of the falling sand by rotating it. Apart from the conventional two-way constraints of up and down, you can change the angle of 360 degrees so you can see the expression of an hourglass that is different from usual. Lightness was born by making it thinner, and it was made into a shape that I wanted to rotate. The tabletop type can be used by simply inserting it into a recess in a wooden pedestal, and the wall type can be used in a kitchen or a washroom because the magnet is on the back.

Client : 富山デザインコンペティション 2017 入選