Ranma Case



The case makes use of traditional Japanese crafts. Ranma has been decorated in wooden houses as interior decorations to maintain dignity, and Paulownia Wardrobe has been used as storage boxes in Japan for centuries. The case inherits the decorative qualities of the Ranma and the practicality of the Paulownia Wardrobes. It can be used to store glasses, watches and accessories, bringing the Japanese tradition closer to home. In addition, the case is also carved with the design of the national treasure “Chōjū-giga”,which is popular worldwide as the origin of manga and anime.

製作:木下らんま店 木下朋美(大阪欄間 伝統工芸士)
協力:溝川美治(大阪泉州桐箪笥 伝統工芸士)
公認:栂尾山 高山寺