An accessory tray to protect and beautifully display your precious items. The golden colour of the igusa “Ryubin Omote” reflects the light and makes it appear brighter, enhancing the objects on display. This golden colour will not change over the years. This colour is produced by drying in the sun for several months. Ryubin Omote is a kind of tatami mat, which has a role to brighten up the tokonoma (alcove) and to enhance the decorations. This is an accessory tray which inherits this meaning and role. This tray is made by Yamane Shoten, a craftsman of Ryubin Omote, which has been in business for 143 years. There are only four Ryubin Omote craftsmen in Japan, so we can say that this is a rare Japanese traditional technique.

製作:山根商店 山根靖之(龍鬢表職人)