CHIRI brooch




A product made from the sand at Chirihama beach, where natural accident such as ocean current and topography overlapped and flowed. In Hakui City, the only one in Japan is the coast “Chirihama Nagisa Driveway” that can run by car, over 800,000 visitors a year, but it has not been linked to the local economic contribution quite often. And now, the Chirihama beach coast has three big tasks: “Revitalizing the Hakui city”, “Garbage problem”, “Erosion”. Therefore, I thought that I would like to contribute to the community by disseminating and solving three problems through producing and selling souvenirs using the sand at at Chirihama beach. Then, we launched a product brand that is “CHIRI”.

Client : ボランティア団体ソレイユ / 羽咋市 / 道の駅のと千里浜