Hotaru Kumihimo



This kumihimo is made with a luminescent thread, which is incorporated by the skillful kumihimo craftsmen. When exposed to the light of the sun or a fluorescent lamp, the light accumulates and glows gently like a firefly at night or in dark places. It can be worn as a bracelet to enjoy a walk at night, or to check your whereabouts in case of a night-time disaster. Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese craft that uses a variety of techniques to make a single piece of string. RyuKobo, which has been working with kumihimo for 130 years, has a strong belief in using kumihimo to protect people, and even during wartime continued to hold up its sign by working on parachute strings. Our belief in making things that protect people led us to create shiny kumihimo, which is also useful for disaster prevention.

製作:株式会社 龍工房(組紐職人)