Outdoor-specific carabiner clips. The clip has an opening of more than 10 mm so that even thick objects such as caps and gloves can be firmly clipped. In addition, it has a load capacity of 25 kg, so even heavy objects can be hung with ease. It is manufactured by a town factory in Aichi, which has been in business for 45 years, and the parts and materials are only made in Japan. It is made from high-strength resin, which is also used in bulletproof glass and has excellent impact and weather resistance. In outdoor activities, gloves and hats are often worn and removed. However, if they are left in place after being removed, they will be blown away by the wind. It is also a hassle to store them somewhere every time and they get in the way of your hand luggage.  This carabiner clip is useful in such cases.

製作:株式会社 丸八化成