This is a shakuhachi that makes use of recorder making techniques in order to pass on the shakuhachi culture to the next generation. We designed this shakuhachi with a Japanese candle as a motif in order to feel familiarity and newness from the common feature of its “fluctuation”. Shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese instrument, and the player can enjoy the shimmering sound produced by the player’s breath. On the other hand, the Japanese candle, which is also a traditional Japanese craft, also produces a flickering flame. The shape of the Japanese candle is also suitable for this production as it is a rotating body. In order to achieve this design while preserving the sound of the shakuhachi, we made use of recorder making techniques. The change of material from bamboo to wood has also reduced the production costs and made the candle easier to care for.

監修販売:上田流尺八道 家元