組紐の伸縮性や組み技術を活かした、耳への負荷を軽減するマスクバンド。さらに蓄光糸・抗菌糸・正絹の3種類の糸を組んだ組紐を開発。暗所で光り、菌の発生を抑え、肌に優しい。組紐の本来の役割は、着物の帯締め。着付けを整える・着物姿を引き立てるなど重要な役割をもっており、 それをマスクを着けるときに再現した。 「着物の帯締め」から「マスクの紐留め」へ

A mask band that reduces the load on the ears by using the elasticity and technology of the kumihimo. In addition, we have developed a braid that combines three types of threads: phosphorescent thread, antibacterial thread, and pure silk. It glows in the dark, suppresses the growth of bacteria, and is gentle on the skin. The original role of the kumihimo is to tighten the kimono. Since it had an important role such as adjusting the dressing and enhancing the appearance of the kimono, I reproduced how to use it with a mask. From “Kimono strapping” to “Mask strapping”

Produce / Client : 株式会社 龍工房(組紐職人)




A tin shoehorn that can be freely changed in shape. It can be deformed according to your feet and shoes, and you can put on your shoes quickly and comfortably. Takaoka copperware(Takaoka doki) has been cultivated for 400 years in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. It is produced by Nousaku, which inherits the traditional casting technique. 100% pure tin is soft and fits well on human skin, and the more you use it, the more it tastes. A shoehorn that is hard to break, does not rust, and can be enjoyed over time.

Produce / Client : 能作




A step, a casting that makes you want to step on every day. KUWANA I MONO has a history of 400 years in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. The craftsmen of ITOGEN Foundry, who inherit this traditional technique, handcrafted each one. The IMONOFUMI is made of cast iron that takes advantage of the freedom of molding, toughness, and weight. The beautiful step has greatly improved functionality such as toughness, resistance to slippage, and mold resistance.

Produce / Client : 伊藤鉉鋳工所





A wooden dumbbell collaborated by a bat craftsman and a furniture craftsman. This wooden dumbbell is beautifully decorated and easy to exercise. You can move the body while enjoying the feel and warmth of the wood, and the simple design fits into your life. Craftsmen from Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, which is the number one bat production site in Japan, collaborated and utilized their skills.

Client : 波多巖木工所




A cup for enjoying sake that makes use of the shimmering expression of Japanese candle soot of “Murakumo Nuri.” The bottom surface is a swaying curved surface, and you can enjoy the change in taste and smell of sake and wine by touching the air with swirling. The swaying expression of “Murakumo Nuri” and the movement created by the shape of the vessel allow you to feel healing and peace of mind.

Client : 浅田漆器工芸(山中漆器)


Wirestyle Maskhanger



A copper mask hanger that can be displayed by hanging the mask.  We have made a mask hanger by making use of the beautiful wire rod processing technology that we have refined in the strict manufacturing of automobile parts. It has both “practicality” that allows you to hang four masks to decorate, and “design” that fits well in your life. Copper with a purity of 99.9% was used as the material, and the excellent antibacterial properties, durability, and beauty of copper were utilized.

Client : 毎日発條株式会社




An accessory tray that protects important things and decorates them beautifully. The golden rush “Ryubinomote”, which is mainly used for Tokonoma, reflects light to make it brighter and enhances the decoration. Utilizing the functionality and cushioning properties of rush and paulownia, an accessory tray that gently protects important items such as jewelry and watches.

Client : 山根商店 山根 靖之(龍鬢表職人)




An Apple object. It is made by the craftsman of the Edo Kimegome doll, who mainly works on Hina dolls and May dolls. I didn’t dare to add any function, and focused on the use as a figurine. Nishijin weave and Kanazawa foil are used for the material, and three traditional crafts have collaborated. I thought of something that I want to shake and heal, or that I want to display and keep all year long. As a spill, you can enjoy the swaying lucky charm. A doll-like apple.

Client : 株式会社柿沼人形(江戸木目込人形 職人)






A wood dumbbell derived from beautiful Japanese flowers. Normally, when user don’t use dumbbells, it doesn’t fit in the space. However, user can exercise while enjoying the feel and warmth of the wood by using Japanese flowers as a motif and making it from wood. The handle part is matched to the shape of the hand so that it is comfortable to hold, and the tip part has a beautiful flower shape. The dumbbell, which is attractive without hiding, has both interior and functionality. The production is a craftsman of the Tokyo shamisen, which is a traditional craft of Tokyo. It can be said that a shamisen craftsman has the technology to make shamisen, which is made entirely by hand, and knows all about the material of wood and the processing of wood. The dumbbell is made using the technique of a shamisen craftsman who is familiar with the wood. 

Produce / Client : 三絃司きくおか

Hotaru Kumihimo



A braided cord that incorporates luminous twisted yarn with the skill of a braid craftsman. It accumulates light when exposed to the sun or fluorescent light and gently glows like a firefly at night or in the dark. User can wear it as a bracelet to enjoy a night walk or check where you are in case of a night disaster. Kumihimo is a traditional craft of Japan, where yarn is assembled into a single string using various techniques. We worked on development together with RyuKobo, who has been working on braids for 130 years, has a strong desire to use braids to protect people. The belief of creating something that protects people has led to a glowing braid that also helps with disaster prevention.

Client : 株式会社 龍工房(組紐職人)