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伝統を纏う防災用品「蛍組紐 お守りブレスレット」を、組紐の老舗工房である龍工房と共に開発した。この蛍組紐には蓄光撚糸(ちくこうねんし)が組み込んであり、太陽や蛍光灯の光に当てることで蓄光し、夜や暗所で蛍のように優しくぼんやり光ります。この蓄光効果によって居場所を確認でき、夜間災害の際にも役立ちます。組柄には、由緒正しい角打ちの紐「中尊寺組」の流れを汲む、角源氏が用いられています。

A new kumihimo bracelet with phosphorescent function has been published! I’ve collaborated with a kumihimo craftsman, Ryukobo.

Client : 株式会社 龍工房(組紐職人)



Crafts, Works



An instrument-like “Kendama”. This Kendama is made using the technique of shamisen production that is built by hand-made processes from a single piece of wood. Kendama plays soothing sounds and rhythms while playing. I found something in common with the shamisen and designed a new kendama. This kendama has a good color and luster, and sounds good while playing, like a shamisen. The shamisen timber is sturdy and well-glossy so that it makes a good sound when playing. 

Client : 三絃司きくおか
Award : 平成30年度 東京手仕事プロジェクト 入選




Shogi Watch

Crafts, Works



A wrist watch inspried from a shogi is a deformed shogi piece on the dial. The decoration of the frame is in the shape of a piece stand. A watch that is irresistible for shogi lovers. All of our timepieces are handmade at our shops where our artisans combine fine, traditional Japanese craftsmanship with quality and stunningly unique designs.

Client : dedegumo 出雲千こ有限会社

dedegumo ウェブサイトにて販売中。



Crafts, Works



I felt loneliness and inorganic in the stove of the kitchen. The functional and beautiful gotoku colors kitchen stove, making daily cooking life fun. This Saigotoku is used by placing it on the ordinary virtue of the installation. This makes it possible to stably use small cooking utensils such as coffee pots that were placed in an unstable state so far. It can be used not only as a goddun but also as a pan spread, and it is active in three scenes before cooking, during cooking and after cooking.

Produce : 224 Porcelain



CHIRI hourglass

Crafts, Works


石川県羽咋市にある、日本で唯一の車で走ることができる海岸「千里浜なぎさドライブウェイ」。 海流や地形などの自然の偶然が重なって、流れ着いた砂が細かく均質になる。その砂の大きさは通常の四分の一ほどであり、美しい砂の形状をしている。その砂を利用し、砂時計としてリデザインした。

Ishikawa Prefecture Located in Hakui-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, it is the only coastal coast that can run by car in Japan “Chirihama Nagisa Drive Live”. The natural accident such as ocean current and topography overlap, the sand which has arrived gets fine and homogeneous. The size of the sand is about a quarter of the usual, and it has a beautiful sand shape. I exploited the characteristics of the sand and redesigned it as an hourglass.

Client : ボランティア団体ソレイユ / 羽咋市 / 道の駅のと千里浜
Produce : 金子硝子工芸


CHIRI brooch

Crafts, Works




A product made from the sand at Chirihama beach, where natural accident such as ocean current and topography overlapped and flowed. In Hakui City, the only one in Japan is the coast “Chirihama Nagisa Driveway” that can run by car, over 800,000 visitors a year, but it has not been linked to the local economic contribution quite often. And now, the Chirihama beach coast has three big tasks: “Revitalizing the Hakui city”, “Garbage problem”, “Erosion”. Therefore, I thought that I would like to contribute to the community by disseminating and solving three problems through producing and selling souvenirs using the sand at at Chirihama beach. Then, we launched a product brand that is “CHIRI”.

Client : ボランティア団体ソレイユ / 羽咋市 / 道の駅のと千里浜

Porcelain Spin

Crafts, Works



This is a porcelain spin made by the traditional techniques of Kakiotoshi, Yoshida-yaki. Kakiotoshi is a technique unique to draw polka dot. It makes the spin beautiful design and texture unique. The craftmen scrape off a single circle from the color soil using a drill. This technique of “Kakiotoshi” is used to put beautiful polka-dot patterns on the spin. The spin can enjoy a different pattern from the stationary state by spining. You can enjoy this time to steam tea as a lid of a teapot.

Produce : 有限会社副千製陶所






Crafts, Works



Dishes that combine the features of Negori painting and the main tower of Negoroji are our proposal. First of all, it was about the dishes we serve at the cafe of hill of historical hill of the Road Station, so I began with designing things that convey the charm and atmosphere of this area. Therefore, attention was paid to Negoro Temple which is the concept of the station on this road and thought that regionality is born by incorporating the characteristics of the National Treasures and the Great Tower. This large tower called “multi treasure tower” is a double-storied tower, with the first layer’s plane being square and the upper layer circular. And utilizing the features of this large tower, the bottom of the cup and square of the cup for roll cake etc. is square (square), the top is circular. As a result, a simple and beautiful design was born, finished in dishes with regional characteristics. 

Client : 一般社団法人紀州文芸振興協会、道の駅 ねごろ歴史の丘




Crafts, Works



This was a single vase inspired by rice paddies, one of the original landscapes of Okuzumi. Although the shape looks like a sphere when looking from afar, you can enjoy the shadow and depth of light with a step like the rice paddies when viewed from a nearby point. The shape of this ball is derived from the fact that steel which was broken into human fist size is called “ball”, which is a word of the origin of the ball steel. By making it a sphere, it gave us a quiet presence and simplicity to complement the flowers. As for the material, it is assumed to use ball steel if procurement is possible, but substitution with iron etc. is also possible. By using pure rustless steel balls, it is difficult to break and creates a gentle single flower for both flowers and people.

Client : 奥出雲横田商會  /  奥出雲記憶造形プロジェクト   最優秀デザイン賞



Lighting Product, Works



The concept is a pendant lighting that cuts off the moment when an apple skin is peeled off without cutting it on the way. Since the part of the peel of the apple has become a shade, it leaks light like indirect lighting. In other words, the light from the gap of the spiral shade, gently illuminates the room. Furthermore, as the gap is evenly opened up and down, left and right, the structure is such that heat is not likely to stick. This lighting consists of three kinds of parts: shade, bulb, socket & cord, and the assembly process is very simple. The shade is made from aluminum as it is soft to bend and ease to processing metallic. The aluminum plate is bended with a bending roll machine, to make the spiral of this shade. In addition, the aluminum is processed as alumite treatment to make vivid red like an apple peel on the surface.

自主制作 / Self Study
Hirosaki Apple Design Award 2017 入選 / Shortlisted