Soroban Mobile



This mobile, made from a traditional Japanese abacus, is an interior design that both adults and children can enjoy with all five senses. When shaken by the wind or by hand, it rotates and changes its shape, delighting the eye. The mobile is made by craftsmen from Banshu Abacus, the largest abacus production area in Japan. The mobile can also be used as an educational toy for infants, and can be displayed in the room with memories even after the baby has grown up.





A wooden stepper that makes you want to step on every day. Nanto City in Toyama Prefecture is the largest producer of wooden bats in Japan. This is a stepper for exercise, which makes use of the processing technology of the batwhile enjoying the texture and warmth of the wood. It is shaped to fit in with your space and be comfortable to step on so that you will want to step on it every day. It relieves muscle fatigue and stiffness in the sole and helps you to have a correct posture.



Ranma Case



The case is as a Ranma for a beautiful desk decoration,and a Paulownia Wardrobes for storing important things. The Osaka Ranma carving technique is used to create carved with the design of the national treasure “Chōjū-giga”. The woodworking techniques of Osaka Senshu Paulownia Wardrobe are used to make paulownia boxes suitable for storing objects. The case inherits the decorative qualities of the Ranma and the practicality of the Paulownia Wardrobes, bringing the Japanese tradition closer to home.

協力:溝川美治(大阪泉州桐箪笥の伝統工芸士)、栂尾山 高山寺




A portable tokonoma. The tokonoma is a space where Japanese culture is concentrated and where paintings and ornaments are displayed. The furniture inherits the meaning and use of this space. It is a space where you can display your favourite things and create a sense of harmony. Japanese paper is covered with a skilled technique to let in light gently. The beauty of the material is enhanced by the natural beauty and strength of the design, which imitates the lightweight and strong honeycomb structure.

Produce / Client : 谷元フスマ工飾株式会社




A disaster box as a piece of furniture for everyday use. In addition to being simple and sturdy, it has a lovely design made of wood. It blends in with your everyday life and is not forgotten when the time comes. It can also be used as a chair so that it is always visible. It can be used to store emergency supplies, and the wood’s ability to regulate humidity protects them. This disaster prevention box is made by Toyama’s furniture craftsmen, using Toyama’s wood, and inheriting the traditional culture of Toyama.

Produce / Client : 波多巖木工所



組紐の伸縮性や組み技術を活かした、耳への負荷を軽減するマスクバンド。さらに蓄光糸・抗菌糸・正絹の3種類の糸を組んだ組紐を開発。暗所で光り、菌の発生を抑え、肌に優しい。組紐の本来の役割は、着物の帯締め。着付けを整える・着物姿を引き立てるなど重要な役割をもっており、 それをマスクを着けるときに再現した。 「着物の帯締め」から「マスクの紐留め」へ

A mask band that reduces the load on the ears by utilizing the elasticity and braiding technique of braided cord. In addition, we have developed a braid made of three types of yarn: light-storing yarn, anti-bacterial yarn and pure silk. It glows in the dark, inhibits the formation of bacteria and is gentle on the skin. The original role of kumihimo was to fasten the obi of a kimono. Kumihimo originally played an important role in dressing the kimono and enhancing the appearance of the kimono, and we have reproduced this role when wearing a mask. From “for Kimono” to “for Mask”

Produce / Client : 株式会社 龍工房(組紐職人)




A tin shoehorn that can be freely shaped. The 100% pure tin is so soft that it can be bent by hand to fit your shoes and feet, allowing you to put on your shoes quickly and comfortably. In additon, it is also resistant to cracking and rusting, which means that it will last for many years. With a thickness of only 1.5mm, it is very portable and easy to carry around. Takaoka copperware has a history of 400 years in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Nohsaku, which inherits the traditional casting technique, produces this product.

Produce / Client : 能作




A cast iron stepper that makes you want to step on every day. The design takes advantage of the freedom of casting to create a comfortable step.KUWANA IMONO has a history of 400 years in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. The craftsmen of ITOGEN Foundry, who inherit this traditional technique, handcrafted each one. Everything from the raw materials to the coating is made in Japan, and each piece is handmade. A cast iron stepper that is sturdy, resistant to shifting and fungus.

Produce / Client : 伊藤鉉鋳工所





A wooden dumbbell, a collaboration between a bat maker and a furniture maker. The craftsmen of Nanto City in Toyama Prefecture, Japan’s largest bat production area, have collaborated on this project. These wooden dumbbells can be beautifully displayed in the house and can be easily exercised when you have time. You can enjoy the warmth and touch of the wood while exercising, and the simple design will fit in with your life.

Client : 波多巖木工所




This vessel is designed to enjoy sake and coffee with the flickering flame expression of Yamanaka Lacquerware’s Murakumo-nuri. Each piece of Murakumo-nuri is unique and there is no two pieces are alike. Furthermore, Yamanaka Lacquerware’s woodworking techniques have created a gentle drinking mouth and a curved shape bottom. It can be swirled, and by exposing it to air, the taste and aroma of sake or wine can be changed. The movement created by the swaying expression and shape of the Murakumo-nuri gives a sense of healing.

Client : 浅田漆器工芸(山中漆器)